10/10/2013 | “Jeunesse Expo 2013” – Annual World Conference Successfully Concludes at Green Venue PEACH

“Jeunesse Expo 2013” – Annual World Conference Successfully Concludes at Green Venue PEACH

Jeunesse Expo 2013- Annual World Conference was successfully concluded at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH).  Thousands of delegates from all over the world took part in one of the biggest and memorable events of 2013.  PEACH hosted this world class event proudly showcasing its unrivaled hospitality and first rate amenities to the world.  As part of its Green Initiatives Program, Royal Cliff Hotels Group’s General Manager, Mr. Christoph Voegeli presented the hotel group’s tree planting certificate to Mr.  Paul Odom, Procurement and Planning Analyst of Jeunesse Global Inc.  Reaffirming its commitment to environmental conservation excellence, Royal Cliff has an exciting tree planting program where Flame trees would be planted in various vital locations on behalf of the companies who select PEACH as the venue for their events.  This long-lasting commitment to environmental sustainability reflects the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Jeunesse Global is one of the world’s fastest growing and highly successful direct selling networks with operations in 85 countries nationwide. It launched its business in 2011, making Thailand the first Jeunesse operations in Southeast Asia

Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH, a world-class multipurpose award winning convention facility have been championing Environmental Conservation since 1973.   In 2008, the center was recognized as “The Best Green Venue” by the Green Hotels of USA.  It is the only hotel property in Thailand to achieve this prestigious distinction.  It has awarded Green Certificates to selected organizations who have taken great steps in helping safeguard the environment by opting to have their event at PEACH and has implemented a company mandate to promote environmentally sound policies without compromising exceptional level of service provided its guests.

For more information on the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH, please visit www.royalcliff.com. and www.peachthailand.com.

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